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About Us

Owner's Message.

Dear Shareholders;

Asyam continues its activities without compromising its confidence in the future of this country within the framework of its business ethics and engineering ethics since its inception.

We are happy to develop ourselves more every day by giving importance to giving our teams the best and delivering the best in every field from the projecting stage to the turn-key delivery.

More by working together, the more powerful Turkey in the hope of meeting tomorrow ..

Our Mision

To always keep the service quality at all levels to all partners, to add value to the image of the company and to the image of the partner companies, and to keep the commitments undertaken by being ready for all changing economic conditions.

Our Vision

As one of the most innovative, reliable and discreet firms among the projecting, engineering and construction companies serving all over the world, we are aiming to enrich our country, our geographies and all the stakeholders we work with.